Card Betting Strategy

If you to want Bet on the number of bookings or cards issued in a football match or you want to bet on a card betting point system then you might want to pick a strategy rather than betting blind. 

The great thing about card betting is that because of the nature of the bet, it is well suited to stats and a little research.

Card betting strategy considerations

There can be some fantastic returns on the card betting market and before placing your bet you might want to take into account the following factors:

Teams – Obviously you’re looking for the teams that are known for being tough to play against. These teams are tough for a reason and will include defenders and midfielders who tackle hard. Bookings come with the territory for teams that play in this manner. Come to end of the season, teams are fighting for league survival and this consideration will form a massive part of your card betting strategy.

Player – Another factor to take into account when choosing your card betting strategy is the player. There are two types of player that tend to pick up a booking. The first being the play actor. We all know the type of player that goes down easy in the box or takes a dive from the slightest touch. In recent seasons referees have clamped down on this and issued players with a yellow card.

The second type of player is the tough tackling defender or midfielder. Again we all know who breaks up play in the middle of the park or who dives in too easily at the back. These players are sometimes worth their weight in gold for their clubs and can make our bets very profitable.

Referee – Believe it or not the referee should be a big consideration when creating your card betting strategy. Some refs like to let play be free flowing whilst others are whistle happy. European games are well worth a look at here. We are all too well aware of how strict the refs can be on a champions league night and these could be real value with some of these fixtures.

Previous cards – As part of our football card strategy for betting this forms part of the player and teams section. As part of your judgement take a look into a particular player or team’s season so far. Stats like these don’t lie and can be a good indication of where the value could lie.

With some clever thinking and prior knowledge going into a fixture you can really enhance your chances of winning some bets with the football card betting market.

Card Betting Strategy

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